Inspiration: Julie And Julia

well .. i was talkin' with my namesy Al-Johara Al-Mazrou

*It's her B.day today BTW so HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful*

About my blog and youtube channel
and how much I'm serious about it coz it's my first step and all of that

so she told me why don't you blog daily

well actually I thought about it
but i was hesitant.. and going back and forth on it
and it's like I was waitin' for the push
so Thank You dear friend Al-Johara .. =)

So the deal is I'm going to blog daily enshallah
I don't promise that I wont miss a day or two for maybe Big reasons
but I'm gonna try my best to do it

FOR THAT I remembered a movie and such a movie

 Julie And Julia

I'm not gonna tell you all about it .. it's better to watch it yourself

anyhow .. the movie split into two storylines

line1: about Julia Child’s cook achievement on the 50's

line2: Julie Powell a neyworker who felt she's a failure and have nothing in her life
so she decided to do a project to cook all 524 recipes in Child's cookbook in 365 days

the movie was between two periods
And shows us their Lifes step by step 

other than Meryl Streep was starring it
I loved that The movie was based on real story
actually TWO stories

oh and plus I realllly Loved the relationship between Julia Child and her husband
and how he was beside her and helped her to achieve her dreams <3

Quote from the valentine's scene

and it turned out to be Julia. It turned out to be Julia all along"
Julia, you are the butter to my bread, and the breath to my life, I love you darling girl"

Awww he killed me LoL


I highly recommend You to watch it If you enjoy "based on real life" movies


I will Blog everyday =)

Thank You Joharat Al mazrou3 to help to find it again

P.s you better watch the movie with a snack or something to eat =P
there's alot of yummy food in there XD

Julia Child was Julie's Inspiration
What/who's yours?!

 Be Close <3


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  1. I wish you all the luck with that, it's so hard I tried and couldn't keep it up
    and this may sound cheesy but my inspiration is my own vision of the future lol

    again goodluck <3

    1. Awwh thnx sweetie
      I know It's hard XP .. but enshallah I will do it =D

      No It's not cheesy lol this is the beauty of it

      في كل مكان نقدر نلاقي إلهام =)

      Thnx again darling <3 xx

    2. غير معرف22/4/12

      Ooh great
      That will be very exciting :-D
      7bb i wish all good luck for u <3
      i will be always here 3shan ashoof asy2k al 7lwa ;-)

      * and I guess everything around me gives me inspiration

      Mofa ^^

  2. غير معرف22/4/12

    JoJo Love <3
    Da3wati leeki dayman bil-tawfee8 o al-tayseer... it's never hard as long as you have the ability and the strength....
    A person may not be able to stick to every single decision he makes, but remember... always have the well and the rest . will come spontaneously . At least, even if you we're not able to fulfil it, at the end you'll say," At Least I tried<3 "
    Best of Lucke Baby xx

    ** Ummm.. for me i can't stick to one inspiration in particular.. It's like.. you can be inspired every single day.. A simple person, a silly situation, a deep pain, a friend , a stranger, or even yourself might touch you in one way or another... Yea, that's what i think ;;)
    I Love You xx

    1. My lovely Lala <3
      yeah enshallah I'll try my best .. I really wanna make it
      and thnx for the support and the kind words <3

      exactlyyyyyy .. the same with me

      yeslamle mo5ek .. Love u even more darling


  3. حبيبتي موفا .. تسلميلي يا رب ما انحرم منك
    و فعلا .. كثير اشياء حولنا تعطينا الهام =)
    احبك xx


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