Statement Necklaces .. state yourself

Hello sweets

the "statement necklaces" big trend for the past couple seasons

well if you asked me before a year I would say that I don't see myself wearin it

but now .. LoL I'm hunting those bad boys =P

what I love about it that it really can rock your outfit and make a difference

it goes with dresses with shirts

even if ur style is classic or casual or ay shay

can make a boring outfit pops

so lets see some necklaces
maybe can inspire you to try it too

and here's a guide to help you

So tell me what do you think of this trend ?

To see the pix in bigger size plz press it

Be Close


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  1. غير معرف22/4/12

    طول حياتي ما احب السلاسل الكبيره احب الناعمة بس
    بس في كم وحده من الي حطيتيهم صراحة عجبتني !!!
    not bad my frnd and let the hunting begins :P

  2. غير معرف22/4/12

    be 9ra7a ma 3rft at5ayal keef 7lbs zy kda noo3 slasel o 7ssetaha to much..b3den lma shoft al pics i was like oh my gosh id go for shopping now just to pick many of those,,,mn jed u helped me jojo and u let me imagin it really good, thanksss :D :D


  3. غير معرف22/4/12

    Ana m3akii Kolod !! Mnjiid raw3aaa !!!


  4. غير معرف22/4/12

    I have an idea !! Why don't we take our expert jojo and go shoppinnnnnnnng :D??? Yara

  5. غير معرف22/4/12

    aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww we think alike mrra sa7baaaaaaaat ;D ;D ;D


  6. LOL Yara yes a million yes =P

    esh rayek na5od 5olod m3ana nsawelaha makeover =P LOOL

    I love you both in really different way =P


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