Feather Earrings For a Hippy Gilr

Feather earrings back to the style

all the items from ALDO

29 SR
coz it's kinda stat I wouldn't wear it together
one of them will do the work

Both 29 SR
Loved them .. I feel that I can use them in a color-blockin style

Both 29 SR
a girly Hippy

Which one of them u liked the most ?! tell me

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  1. غير معرف3/5/12

    so cute

  2. غير معرف3/5/12

    3ndeee zy al blue feather mrra yanaaas joojooo mrrra fahmtneee enteeee ;D


  3. Reeeeally hippi xD loolz
    And btw i saw a tutorial about how 2 make those earings at home
    Translate it in arabic for the girls if u like

    Xoxo. Hala.J


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